A Little More Detail to Help 1. Pick Your Style and Size: Choose a map style (Modern, Cool, Greyscale, or Vintage) and Select your map type (Digital, Gold, Silver, '12x15', or '16x20'). 2. Add Personal Details: Provide a title for your map and enter your travel dates. 3. Start Point: Begin by naming where your journey began, whether it's where you landed or your road trip's starting point. If you're flying from New York to Rome for an Italy trip, select Rome as your starting point. 4. Highlight Your Travels: Share memorable moments from each location, like the Colosseum in Rome or Las Vegas in Nevada, or a picnic in a park 5. Choose Your Transport:Indicate the mode of transportation used to move from one location to another. For instance, if you traveled from Rome to Milan by train, please enter "train." 6. Keep Adding Locations: Continue the process by adding your next travel destination. If you stayed in a particular location for an extended period, such as Rome for three days, this is only one location, Milan will be your next destination. 7. Final Destination: Finish by naming your last stop and its special highlight. If you did a loop around Italy starting at Rome, Rome is your ending place. If you Started at Rome and ended in Vienna, Vienna is your final spot, and maybe you saw the Opera there. 8. Large Orders Welcome: If you have over ten locations, contact us for a customized solution. 9. Artistic Design and Delivery: Our expert designers will create your personalized map. Once done, we'll send you a draft for review and make any changes. Then, we'll email a digital copy or professionally frame your order, delivering it to your doorstep.