Meet our Founder, Chet Batson

The visionary behind Traveler’s Path and it is an absolute pleasure to meet you. From a young age, my insatiable curiosity about the world ignited a deep-seated desire to explore its vast wonders. With a backpack on my shoulders and an unyielding spirit, I set out on a journey to discover the hidden gems that lay beyond the familiar horizons.

Chet Batson of Travler's Path Custom Maps

Why choose us to design your custom travel map?

The Path Less Traveled

Having traversed the globe extensively, I have amassed an invaluable wealth of firsthand experiences and insights from diverse cultures and landscapes. Every destination has left an indelible mark on my soul, fostering an intimate understanding of the ingredients that make an unforgettable trip.

Traveler’s Path came out of wanting to create the perfect map for my wife for our anniversary, following our 6 months together backpacking through South East Asia. There were a few automated companies out there, but nothing that really had the would of the depth of what I had envisioned. Only a purely customized map for our experience could tell the story of what we experienced.  So designing a custom map is not merely a job for my team; it’s a labor of love. Your dream vacation becomes mine as we pour my heart and soul into crafting a personalized map that reflects your individual preferences and aspirations. Whether you seek tranquil beachside escapes, exhilarating mountain treks, or vibrant urban explorations, I take pride in handcrafting a map that aligns seamlessly with your travel desires.

My extensive global adventures have equipped me with an eye for detail and a keen sense of what makes a journey truly special. With Traveler’s Path you can trust that every turn, every stop, and every recommendation on your personalized map is curated with the utmost care and dedication.

Beyond the art of cartography, I am committed to creating meaningful connections with our travelers. Your satisfaction is my top priority, and I am always here to answer your questions, offer suggestions, and fine-tune your map until it surpasses your expectations.

Join us on this exciting expedition, where wanderlust meets world-class cartography. Let me be your guide in transforming your travel dreams into a tangible reality, one custom map at a time.

Thank you for considering Traveler’s Path as your partner in crafting unforgettable travel experiences. Let’s embark on this adventure together and make your journey a masterpiece of memories!

Safe travels,

Chet Batson Founder, Traveler’s Path

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